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Hindola Utsav in Gujarat – Importance and Date of Swing Festival of Lord Swaminarayan in 2018

Hindola Utsav literally means ‘swing festival’ and Hindola Festival is observed by Swaminarayan Sect in Gujarat. Hindola 2018 begins on July 29 and ends on August 28. During the one-month festival, the idol of Lord Swaminarayan is seated on a swing in the temples and is pulled to and fro (rocked). The festival begins two days after the Guru Poonam day in Ashadh month (June – July) and ends two days after Shravan Purnima

The idol of Lord Swaminarayan is seated on a swing during the month and pujas are performed. Hindola festival provides an opportunity for a devotee to immerse in Lord's murti. Hindolas are a mode to meditate on the Lord.

Hindola festival finds origin in the life of Lord Krishna – it is believed that Gopis rocked Lord Krishna on a decorated swing in the forests of Vrindavan.