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Sanjhi Vrat And Festival By Unmarried Women

Sanjhi Vrat and festival begins on Bhadrapad Purnima day and ends on Ashwin Amavasya day as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in North India. The vrat is observed by unmarried girls at their father’s home. Sanjhi vrat and festival 2023 date is September 29 to October 14.

For the observing Sanjhi Vrat, an image of Goddess Sanjhi, sometime identified with Goddess Ahoi, is made on the wall and doors with cow dung. Various designs are part of the image. Apart from Goddess Sanjhi, the image of her sister Phoophad and Ghoda Kana Vaman are also made. The images are decorated using garlands, bangles, flowers, leaves, sindoor and colorful clothes.

Pujas and rituals are held in the evening after lighting a lamp using ghee. The songs associated with Goddess Sanjhi are chanted. Meete bhog is prepared on the day. After the pujas and rituals, girls dance to the tune of folksongs.

On Ashwin Amavasya day, the image of Goddess Sanjhi is removed from the walls and kept inside a clay pot. A lamp is lit in the pot. The pot is then taken to a nearby river and floated in the river.