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Dreaming Of Rescuing Someone – Meaning

Dreaming of rescuing someone is a negative sign dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means witnessing accidents or medical emergency in near future. It is a warning sign. Dreams of rescuing someone is asking you to be alert and have a knowledge about what to do in emergency.

Dreaming of you rescuing someone and you know the person means you will have to face physical challenges. It also means confusion and stress due to unexpected challenges.

Dream of rescuing someone you know means your advice will be ignored. It also means you following someone so that they do not get into trouble.

Dream of rescuing and unknown person means you will witness something gruesome. It also means not knowing what to do in an unknown place. It also means getting into trouble in an unknown place to help someone.

The dream also means you will be satisfied and will feel good soon as you will be of great help to someone.

The dream is also asking you to prepare yourself for an emergency by keeping important numbers and basic medical knowledge.