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The Spirit We Can Know Only Through Love

It is through love alone that we can know each other or anything. For the essence of everything is the Spirit. And the Spirit we can know only through love. It is only through love that we can have perfect knowledge. Love penetrates beyond the surface. It gets right at the essence of things. It is this bond of love that binds the whole universe together. There is a secret relation between us and the entire universe. We miss that relation when our consciousness is clouded with desires and egotism. But when the soul is washed pure from these limitations, then she rejoices. Then she realizes her kinship with all. Then, the universe is filled with song and joy. Then everything is filled with ananda, bliss. The whole universe vibrates with joy. That is the bliss of union with God. That is the annihilation of the little self, the mingling of the self with the All, the birth of a new consciousness, the freedom of nirvana.

The sage realizes his union with all existence. He finds his larger Self in the universe; he realizes the perfection of unity. His whole being opens out into a luminous consciousness of the All. His existence translates itself into a radiant joy and an overspreading love. He is conscious of his own immortality.

To quote Rabindranath Tagore – The spirit dies a hundred times in its enclosure of self; for separateness is doomed to die, it cannot be made eternal. But it never can die where it is one with the All, for there is its truth, its joy. When a man feels the rhythmic throb of the soul-life of the whole world in his own soul, then he is free. Then he enters into the secret courting that goes on between this beautiful world-bride, veiled with the veil of the many-coloured finitude, and the Paramatman, the bride groom, in his spot less white. Then he knows that he is the partaker of this gorgeous love-festival, and he is the honoured guest at the feast of immortality. Then he understands the meaning of the seer-poet who sings, ‘From love the world is born, by love it is sustained, toward love it moves, and into love it enters.’