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Dreaming Of Repotting Plants – Meaning

Dreaming of repotting plants is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means making necessary changes for growth and success. It also means realization that you are not doing enough to achieve success. You will be inspired by the success story of other people and you will make positive changes. Dreams of repotting plants also means interest in gardening. Taking up something that was neglected and finishing it.

Dream of repotting plants in an unknown place means you will have to do hard work and change the existing methods in a new place. It also means transfer to a location that is facing problems. It also means lot of expectations from you.

Dreaming of repotting plants in your house or in a place you know means free time and doing something that will boost your energy.

Dreams of repotting plants in a public place means showing courage to do something that is neglected by authorities and people. It also means taking up a public cause.