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Dreaming Of Repetitive Tasks – Meaning

Dreaming of repetitive tasks is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means constant failure at a particular task. It also means not getting the desired results after several attempts. It also means monotony and doing something boring in life. Dreams of repetitive tasks means getting a job that is not interesting. It also means forced to do something that you do not like.

Dream of repetitive task at a place you known means your unwillingness to take risk shutting down good opportunities. It also means fear of society stopping you from taking financial risks.

Dreaming of repetitive task and you are seen happy means doing something really boring to be in the company of someone special. Doing things to keep other people happy.

Dreams of repetitive task and you are seen angry or crying or shouting means failure despite of hard work. It also means not doing something the right way – you need to take advice from people with experience.