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Huskur Madduramma Temple In Gulimangala – Bengaluru

Gulimangala Madduramma temple is located at Gulimangala at Huskur in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Madduramma, a Grama devata – the village guardian deity. Madduramma temple at Huskuru has murtis of two Devis in the same sanctum sanctorum and this is a rarity. The annual jatara festival for four days in March - April. Huge tall chariots are pulled from various parts of the village to the temple during the annual festival.

The Madduramma temple is unique in various aspects – the main deities in the temple have two vahanas – one is a horse and other is a lion.

As per history, this ancient temple was built by the Cholas during the 11th century CE.

The main offerings to the deity are cloth, coconut and flowers.

There is a widespread belief that whenever there is a widespread pandemic of cholera or poxes, if prayers are offered in the temple, the communicable disease will subside soon.