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Five Afflictions Which Cause Pain In Life As Per Hinduism

The five afflictions which cause pain in life as per Hinduism are –

  1. Ignorance about the true nature of the self.
  2. Feeling of identity between self and buddhi
  3. Attraction
  4. Aversion
  5. Fear of death

These five innate tendencies prompt the individual to behave in various ways and do different deeds or karmas. The traces of these deeds go on accumulating in chitta. The consequences or fruit of these traces, which may be good, bad or mixed, are to be enjoyed in the present and future births. The species in which one will have the next birth, the length of life, and the extent of pleasure and pain are all decided by the fruits of karma. Proper study of scriptures and the feeling of oneness helps and individual dissolve pain and fruits of karma. When the mind is pure and serene it attains its natural state.