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Pilicode Sree Vengakottu Bhagavathi Temple – Kaliyattam – Theyyam Festival

Pilicode Sree Vengakottu Bhagavathi temple is located at Pilicode in Kannur district, Kerala. This shrine is dedicated to the ferocious form of Goddess Bhagavathi who has just annihilated demon Darikasura. The theyyam kaliyattam festival in the temple is held from January 12 to January 17. The Perumkaliyattam in the temple is held once in 21 years. The last Pilicode Sree Vengakottu Bhagavathi temple Perumkaliyattam was held in January 2018.

The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi and numerous other deities that are worshipped in kavu in this region. Some subsidiary deities are worshipped on small square platforms and under trees. The temple has a small pond.

The shrine is an important Shakti shrine in the region.

The theyyams that are performed in the temple are Ankakkulangara Bhagavathi, Aayitti Bhagavathy, Cheriya Bhagavathy, Gulikan theyyam, Ariyakkara Bhagavathy, Kotholi Bhagavathy, Mecheri Chamundi theyyam, Oorpazhassi theyyam, Raktha Chamundi theyyam, Mangadath Bhagavathi, Vairajathan theyyam, Vengakkottu Bhagavathi and Vishnumoorthi theyyam.