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Follow Any Of The Paths Best Suited To You

If all the paths lead to moksha, how then can we call any of them low? Our object of life is freedom. Who cares how the object is gained, how we get free, as long as we get there? So it is really not a question of high or low, but of suitableness. Follow any of the paths best suited to you. That seems to be the teaching. One’s own path, well followed, is better than others followed mistakenly.

Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita Chapter XII does not give anyone an opportunity to feel proud because he follows this path or that: All paths lead to Me. Only move on. Be active; do not sit down in idleness, for then you will get nowhere. We must struggle for freedom; otherwise we will remain bound.

Remember the parable of Sri Ramakrishna: When fish are caught in a net, some do not struggle at all but remain calm in the net, some again struggle hard to come out of the net, while a few are very happy to effect their escape by rending the net. So also there are three sorts of men, fettered (baddha), struggling (mumukshu), and released (mukta). We must be mukti-kami, longing for freedom. And that longing must find expression in sincere struggle. Each one must struggle according to his own means – the one as house holder, the other as monk, the one through activity, the other through meditation. But all need to practice renunciation.