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14 Names Of Bhagavan Vishnu To Be Chanted Daily

The 14 names of Bhagavan Vishnu to be chanted daily are

  1. Achuyta
  2. Ananta
  3. Keshava
  4. Narayana
  5. Madhava
  6. Govinda
  7. Vishnu
  8. Madhusudhana
  9. Trivikrama
  10. Vamana
  11. Sridhara
  12. Hrishikesha
  13. Padamanabha
  14. Damodara

These names are part of the most important daily rituals and pujas dedicated to Vishnu Bhagavan. They are also part of the Vishnu Sahsranama.

Each name is pregnant with meaning and is spiritually significant. These names are the shield that protects a devotee from the attack of the sense organs. They help a devotee to achieve single-minded focus on achieving the spiritual goal of self-realization.

These names are ideal for a beginner in the world of spirituality. Chanting them helps in keeping out all kinds of distraction.

Chanting the names also helps in materialistic progress and desire fulfilment. The names help a devotee with better luck. The name keeps a devotee focused on the work in hand. It helps a devotee to be dedicated and tenacious.