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Goddess Dwara Lakshmi On Top Of Door In Hindu Temples

Dwara Lakshmi form of Goddess Lakshmi is found on the top of the door of the second mandapam of temples dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu. She is described as to be placed between patanga and pattka. Patanga and pattika are designs extensively used in temple architecture in different places.

Dwara Lakshmi On Top Of Door In Hindu Temples – Goddess Lakshmi Form

Dwara Lakshmi In Tirupati Venkateswara Temple

In Tirumala hill shrine (Tirupati Balaji temple), we find the murti of Dwara Lakshmi on the upper threshold of the Golden Doorway – Bangaru Vakili. She is flanked by elephants on both the sides, and also Lakshmi Devi’s Parivaram can be seen serving Goddess Sri, four on each side. 

The same Gajalakshmi or Dwara Lakshmi can also be seen on the upper threshold of Silver Doorway – Vendi Vakili and also the main entrance of rajagopuram also called as Brass Doorway – Ittadi Vakili.

Other Key Information

As per some scholars and scriptures, Dwara Lakshmi is same as Gaja Lakshmi.

Dwara Lakshmi is part of the eight goddesses known as Ashtavidha Lakshmi.

Ashtavidha Lakshmi is the eight forms of Lakshmi in Vaikhanasa Vishnu temple, it is suggested that there are eight places in a temple where Goddess Sri can be consecrated and worshipped.

Form Of Goddess Dwara Lakshmi

Dwara Lakshmi  is portrayed as holding lotuses on both the upper hands and the lower hands in Abhaya and Varada poses, seated in Padmasana pose and adorned with crown, and other jewels.

On both the sides she is accompanied by elephants pouring sacred water.