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Quotes And Quips On Life

Quotes and Quips on various aspects of life.

There is no great war in life. However, there are these frequent little battles. If we can win these little battles, then life becomes a success. Those who run away from the little battles of life never make it to the podium happiness. 
Too much analysis takes the zest out of life. It is fine to listen to the heart even if it is illogical.
We will need to evolve constantly to reach the goal of self-realization.
Never stop learning. When we stop learning, we are opening the door to the unreal. If we need to know the real, keep learning. 

Peace is possible when we are ready to accept diversity. 
The moment we are ready to drop desire and attachment, the mind will become calm and relaxed.

Mayuranatha Swamy Temple at Mayavaram town in Mayiladuthurai District, Tamil Nadu

The goal of every person is happiness. But sadly, the majority of us do not know what is happiness. We think the wave to be happiness. But it disappears in a split of a second. Then we go after another wave. But some of us go to the ocean, the source of the wave. They find the real happiness. Waves are many but the ocean is one. Fake happiness is available in plenty but there is only one real happiness. 

We become rich when we are content.

Knowing what is worthwhile in our life is self-realization.

We have made ourselves slaves of what we have created.

We need to decide as to how much energy and time we should devotee to amassing wealth and possessions and how much for self-realization.

If we are defined by our job or wealth, well then that is transitory. We should be defined by our inner qualities.

Have faith in others but not blind faith.

Humbleness is an important step in successfulness.

Control over oneself is the only control we need.

See things as they are. Avoid giving our personal color to them. We will have a positive mindset if we do so.

A truthful person has nothing to fear.

Single minded focus on destination is essential for success.

Accept mistakes, learn from them and progress.

Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple - Tamil Nadu

The best way to get other people like us is by focusing on developing trust and respect.

Those with patience achieve what they set out for.

Those who expect instant success and instant results are only opening the doors of frustration and depression.

Right effort and patience will always take us to success.

Negative thoughts bring nothing but destruction. 

If we are looking for a better life, then better our thoughts first.

If we want to go deep down into anything, then go deep down into ourselves and discover That which is present in all animate and inanimate.

Always be alert do not let the mind wander and enter into danger zones.

Our mind should be allowed only to cultivate positive thoughts.

Living meaningfully means seeing Supreme Truth in all animate and inanimate.

If we want to sustain success, we should get the core values correct. The core values are single-pointed attention, dedication, hard work, perseverance and the capability to enjoy each moment and not to bother about result.

We always hear surrender to God. But what is the true meaning of surrendering to God? And who is this God to whom we have to surrender? The God to whom we must surrender is in me, you and everything. True surrender is developing the quality of equality. Seeing God in everything and respecting all forms of the God is the ideal surrender.

We should have the courage to be true to self.

Love and truth is the foundation of life.

The illusion of materialism is what generates discontentment.

Something is beyond our sight, touch and measure. And that something is everywhere.

When we are able to change our attitude and awareness, we will be able to cope with everything.

Finding time to reflect can solve many problems.

Developing tolerance, being appreciative and seeing the goodness in others are qualities essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.

True courage is facing our fears and overcoming it.

Develop perseverance because only those people who have this quality taste success.

Only we can determine our destiny.

Those who act to satisfy society will never reach their destination.

We should always know where we are going. But the tragedy of this age is that we are blindly following someone else.

Understanding and accepting our weaknesses and turning them into strengths is the quality of a winner.

If we sit idle on our success we will rust and rot; we must strive for constant improvement.

Thoughts are not beyond our control.

We must understand that we are the creators of our thoughts and therefore we can change them for the good.

We should be more aware of our thoughts especially about their rise.

We should also be aware about the quality of the thought and whether it nourishes us or diminishes us.

Inspiring, positive and enlightening thoughts only should be encouraged.

Dreaming is good but to realize them we have to work hard.

Want to see change in life. Just stop complaining.

Instead of trying to impress others, try to impress ourselves.

If you constantly try to satisfy others; then your life will be constantly under stress.

The easiest way to become rich is to be satisfied with what we have.

Find sometime to unlock the treasures of life. The treasure hidden in each one of us will help us to realize eternal happiness.

To enjoy every moment of life, stop giving importance to what other people think or talk about us.