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Chaturbhuja Temple At Naggar In Kullu – Manali – Himachal Pradesh

Chaturbhuja Temple at Naggar, is around 20 kms from Kullu and 25 kms from Manali, in Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the oldest Shikhara temples dedicated to Bhagwan Vishnu in this region of Himachal.

The Chaturbhuja temple dates back to the 9th-10th centuries. The shrine is near to the famous Naggar castle. The shrine is accessed by a steep downward path that goes down from the castle.

The four-armed or Chaturbhuja murti of Bhagavan Vishnu is made of ashtadhatu – an alloy of eight metals. The murti measures 1.2 meters in height. It stands on a pedestal carved with lotus flowers.

A Shivling and couple of other stone murtis are found along the walls of the temple.

The roof of Naggar Chaturbhuja temple is made of stone and decorative work is minimal. But the shikhara is noticeably different. Instead of being the usual tall shikhara as is the case in most other temples, the one here is broad and squats low. This makes the outer wooden canopy over it look broad, and hence, the temple stands out in terms of architecture.