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Manu Maharaj Temple In Manali – Himachal Pradesh – Dedicate To Manu Of Manu Smriti

Manu Maharaj temple is a very rare temple dedicated to Manu in Manali Himachal Pradesh. In Hinduism, Manu refers to the archetypal man, or to the first man progenitor of humanity. The Sanskrit term for 'human', means 'of Manu' or 'children of Manu'. As per Hindu scriptures first Manu was Svayambhuva, the spiritual son of Brahma.

The main murti in the Manu Maharaj temple is a pindi of Manu Rishi.

The shrine is one of the very few temples in India exclusively dedicated to Manu, who is today famous for the Manu Smriti. The small wooden temple is located in the old quarters of Manali.

The town of Manali derives its name in fact, from Manu Alaya, the abode of Manu.

A modern structure was built around the old temple in the late 1970s. The new building is of stone, and far taller than the original, with an arched gateway and a view of the surrounding mountains.