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Ghadika – Container – Pot In Hindu Temple

Ghadika is a unique container or pot used in Hindu temples especially in Kerala. The vessel is used during rituals like Pratishta and Kalasham. The container has five faces and is made using clay or metal. The deity of this vessel is Brahma.

Scripture Kriya Deepika states that vessel should have a height of 12 angulam (one angulam is 1.763 cm). Another method of calculating is by extending the thumb and the index finger. In this calculation is 14 or 16 vrial pokkam (thumb – index finger length).

During the ritual known as mulayidal, Ghadika is used along with palika and sharavatham.

The vessel is mentioned in the Agni Purana. The purana suggests this vessel for the mulayidal ritual.

The term Ghadika is also used to refer to small clay pots used in temple rituals.

Japamala (rosary) is also referred to as Ghadika in some scriptures.