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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17 – Teachings

A collection of teachings from Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17

Without any definite goal in life, without planning our onward march towards the ideal, we are apt to fall a victim to the various temptations enroute and exhaust ourselves in the bylanes of life. To stick constantly on to the grand road to success is to assure for ourselves a happy pilgrimage to Truth. (17.16)

Without faith, no one can come to shine in any field of activity. No one can hope to gather any profit at all out of any activity, if he has no faith in it. Both in the secular activities of the market place and in the sacred performance of religious acts, the factor that determines the quality and quantity of the result is our faith in our efficiency and goodness, in our chosen field of our activity. (17.28)

He who feels impoverished by his giving has not done a charity.  (17.22)

There are three types of faith, corresponding to and evolving from the three modes of material nature. Act performed by those whose faith is in passion and ignorance yield only impermanent, material results, whereas acts performed in goodness, in accord with scriptural injunctions, purify the heart and lead to pure faith in Lord Krishna and devotion to Him.

Foods which promote longevity, intelligence, vigor, health, happiness and cheerfulness and which are appealing, substantial, and naturally agreeable are dear to spiritual people. (Chapter 17 Verse 8)

The food that is pretty cold, worthless, putrid, stale, partly eaten and impure is liked by the tamasika. (Gita 17, 10)