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Misery - Sorrow Exists If We Seek Permanence In Transitory

Man’s misery and sorrow come from his selfishness and attempts to establish a connection with the transitory incidents of an eternally changeful world.

There is no escape from misery and sorrow if we keep on attempting to find permanence in the eternally changing world.

Spirituality or religion attempts to bring man face to face with the Infinity – the Supreme Truth – God – the only Permanent One. And Thou Art That - Tat Tvam Asi. You are the Permanent One.

Five Aspects Of Goddess Shakti At Madurai Meenakshi Temple - Tamil Nadu

When man gets the vision of this Permanence, his little ego melts into insignificance.

All that he thought so long as permanent melts away, he realizes the impermanence of the world. He realizes the folly of the innumerable attempts made to find permanence in the ever-changing world.

Misery and sorrow can exist only if keep-providing fuel to the burning desires – to find happiness in an external transitory source.

The day we realize that there is no happiness in the transitory world, we are no more a victim of burning desires.

When we see through the transience, life becomes a play and joy.