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One Rupee Coin Totka Performed By Some Hindus

In Kali Yuga, the present age, as per Hinduism teachings human beings will do anything for the fulfillment of their desires. They will believe in all kinds of superstition and false deities. One rupee coin totka is performed by some Hindu communities who face constant problems in house – especially accidents and repairs. Totka is a small process performed to overcome difficulties in life by Hindus.

If a person in the house is facing health issues constantly then take some sendha namak in a bowl and place a one rupee coin atop it. Circle the bowl seven times around the person and throw the salt and coin in a deserted area (where people go very rarely). It is believed that this will remove all kinds of evil eye and negative forces that were affecting the person.

Yet another totka using one rupee coin is to keep it under the bed. This is done by people who are troubled by depression, laziness, lack of energy and bad health. The coin should be kept for seven days under the bed and on the eighth day it should be thrown in a cremation ground.

It is believed that some small children cry without stopping due to negative energy or evil eye. The belief is that the child is being attacked by evil forces. To overcome it, people usually take some whole dried chilli and circle around the child. Keeping a rupee coin along with the mirchi, helps in driving out evil eye and negative forces. The coin should be thrown in an unused land. The mirchi is usually put in fire.

It is also believed that donating one rupee coins in a Shiva temple will help in overcoming difficulties in life.

Many people have found relief after doing one rupee totka and therefore it is still followed by people.