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Story Of The Bird On Mast Of A Ship – Sri Ramakrishna

A bird sat absentmindedly on the mast of a ship anchored in the Ganges. Slowly the ship sailed out into the ocean.

When the bird came to its senses, it could find no shore in any direction. It flew toward the north hoping to reach land; it went very far and grew very tired but could find no shore.

What could it do? It returned to the ship and sat on the mast.

After a long while the bird flew away again, this time toward the east. It couldn’t find land in that direction either; everywhere it saw nothing but limitless ocean. Very tired, it again returned to the ship and sat on the mast.

After resting a long while, the bird went toward the south, and then toward the west. When it found no sign of land in any direction, it came back and settled down on the mast.

It did not leave the mast again, but sat there without making any further effort. It no longer felt restless or worried. Because it was free from worry, it made no further effort.

Sri Ramakrishna 

What we really search for is within us. We need not worry about losing it. It can never be lost. One day we all have to realize it.