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Mantra For Quick Sleep

 Mantra for quick sleep is dedicated to Chandra (Moon God) and Shiva together. Many people chant the mantra for getting sleep quickly. The mantra is highly beneficial for those people who are troubled by sleep issues, waking up suddenly at night, unable to continue sleep after waking up and sleeplessness.

Mantra For Quick Sleep
 ह्रीं चंद्र-मॉलिशराय नमो नमः 
Om Hreem Chandra-Maulisharaya namo namaha

The mantra should be chanted early morning around 4:30 AM. Keep a vessel filled with water on the northeast side of the house. Sit facing northeast and chant the mantra 108 times. After chanting the mantra study if you are a student. Other people should read the Bhagavad Gita or the Ramayana.

After chanting the mantra, take lukewarm water in a mug and press a lemon in it. Drink this water and then sit facing the rising sun for 15 minutes.

The mantra should be chanted for 41 days.

Do not sleep during day time.

Chant the mantra 21 times again during sunset. 

Offer water to moon. Take a glass filled with water and pour it facing the moon.

The person chanting the mantra should plant herbs like tulsi, mint etc and take care of it.