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There Is Too Much Of Negative Talk – Let Us Do Some Positive Talk

There is too much negative talk around – Let us do some positive talk and move ahead.

Being critical most of the time will only alienate friends, colleagues and family.

Too much negative talk will push us into the well of no hope and there will be no escape from it.

Always complaining about something or other becomes a habit. It then kills all form of hope and goodness in us. We attempt to get pleasure from bad mouthing and negative talk. We also do not realize the very same people with whom we were having negative talk will go to another place and badmouth us.

Lakshmana Temple At Khajuraho - built between 930-950 CE

We all have our likes and dislikes but we cannot be adamant about them. We need to be flexible and we need to adjust so that we can make our life happy and of those around us.

A great deal of good things happen around us but we are not able to realize them because we are caught in the whirlpool of negativity.

Social media, newspapers, television are a hotbed of negative talk. We are provided daily with accidents, murder, unrest, hate and tension. If we care for our health, we should stay away from such negative news. They just want to create glum people who get addicted to such things. Such people are made to believe that there is no hope. They sell misery and suspicion. They create fear and spread hatred.

The best option to get out of negativity it is to realize that we are being trapped in the prison of negative talk. We need to stop criticizing and condemning. Stop bad mouthing. Stop spreading fear and hatred.

Never be stingy in praising and be the provider of hope. People should look up to you when they are in trouble. People would not want to take help from a person who is always into negative talk. Over time, you get characterized as all bad and negative.

Turning negative talk into positive talk will not happen on a day. We need to be conscious of our talks and actions. Consciously cultivate the habit of seeing light even in the darkest hours.

Change our attitude and we will get to talk about hundreds of positive things. Nature is so vast and wide and it has so much of hidden gems that a single birth is not enough to explore them.

Next is to avoid engaging in pointless talk. Most of our talks are on topics, which are not at all relevant. We need to focus on things in which we are a participant. How we can improve things for better.

Let the world spread negativity, we can notice the positives and be happy.