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Govardhan Hill In Mathura – Tourist Places In Govardhan Hill

Govardhan Hill is situated 25 km to the west of Mathura and five kms to the south of Radha Kund. The town where the holy Govardhan Hill is located is also known as Govardhan. The entire region of Govardhan town and its surroundings looks like a peacock with its head tucked into its stomach. Popular Govardhan Hill tourist places include Kusum Sarovar, Radha Kund, Shyam Kund, Manasi Ganga, Mukharvind, Punchari Kund or Naval Kund and Govardhan Hill itself.

Other interesting places in Govardhan are Hari Deva Temple, Mukharvind Temple, Brahma Kund, ISKCON temple, Sankarshana Kund, Govinda Kund, Apsara Kund, Kadamba Van, Surabhi Kund, Indra Kund (Charana Kund), Airavata Kund and Kusum Sarovar.

All the important holy places in Govardhan town falls along the Govardhan Parikrama route.

Sri Krishna is worshipped as Giriraj Ji (King of Hills). Thus Govardhan town is also known as Giriraj Ji.

The stones of Govardhan are known as Govardhan Shilas and they are considered sacred and worshipped.

Govardhan Hill is not a huge mountain. It is a small hillock. Its highest peaks are just 25 meters.

The holy hill surrounds the entire Govardhan town and it is like a flat land in many places.

Shrinathji Temple and Balarama Temple are located at the highest point of Govardhan Hill.

The Sankarshana Kund or Balbhadra Kund is located in front of Govardhan Hill and the highest point of Govardhan hill is behind the kund.