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Uttara Ramayana Quotes

A collection of quotes from Uttara Ramayana

Just as, carried by the air, the fragrance of the flowers enters the nostrils, even so, the heart engaged in the practice of the devotion to Me (Bhagvan Sri Ram) becomes one with Me. Failing to recognize this, the fools remain extrovert.

Dry rituals fail to please Me.

Good for nothing is the worship unto My Murti by the people who insult, hurt, harm or injure other living beings.

My Murti need to be worshipped till the realization of My presence in all living beings including oneself.

He who finds no difference between his soul and the Supreme Soul is never afraid of death.

A wise devotee should respect all animate and inanimate, as the same soul is embodied in all.

Wise devotee should not find distinction between individual soul and supreme soul.