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Thiruvarppu Krishna Temple - Kerala Temple Open During Eclipse Or Grahan

Usually Hindu temples remain closed during Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan but the Thiruvarppu Krishna Temple on the banks of Meenachil River in Thiruvarppu village in Kottayam District in Kerala remains open. Pujas and rituals are performed in the temple even during graham or eclipse.

Story - Why Thiruvarppu Krishna Temple Is Open During Grahan

The murti of Bhagavan Krishna worshipped in the temple is that of hungry Krishna, who was tired and exhausted after annihilating demon Kansa. So in this temple food is offered to Krishna first in the morning before all pujas and rituals.

It is said that earlier the temple used to remain closed during Grahan or eclipse. But once after an eclipse when the door of sanctum sanctorum of the temple was opened, the priests found that the tight waistband on the murti of Bhagavan Krishna had slipped down a few inches.

Vilwamangalam Swamiyar, who is believed to have had darshan of Bhagavan, realized that the waistband had slipped because Krishna was hungry. From that day onwards, the temple is never closed during Grahan. All the regular five pujas are held with naivedyam or prasadam to the murti.