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Mantra For Oxygen

Mantra for oxygen should be dedicated to Shiva and Peepal Tree. It is believed that chanting this Shiva Mantra will help in overcoming breathing related problems resulting from oxygen. Many people chant the Shiva mantra sitting under a peepal tree. The mantra is highly beneficial for those people who are struggling with oxygen problems.

Mantra For Oxygen
 नमः शिवाय शिवोहम शिवा साक्षाल परब्रह्मम 
Om Namah Shivaya Shivoham Shiva Sakshal Parabrahmam

The mantra should be chanted whenever and wherever you are. Simply see Shiva in your mind and chant the mantra.

The mantra should be chanted till you get the desired result.

After chanting the mantra, sit facing the rising sun for 15 minutes.

The person chanting the mantra should plant 11 peepal trees and take care of it after oxygen related problems are solved.