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Our Beliefs Weave The Cocoon We Live In

All of us live in a cocoon. What differs is only the size of the cocoon. There are small cocoons, big cocoons, and extremely large cocoons. Mind proves its materiality by being finite. Its finitude is evidenced by the limit of one’s cocoon.


The larger the cocoon of one’s personality the closer one is to the infinite reality. However, it is only the bursting of the cocoon that would enable one to merge with the ultimate reality or Brahman.

The world we perceive is a mirror image of our cocoon. Narrow understandings and limited world views are signs of a crunched cocoon.

Our beliefs weave the cocoon we live in. They determine what are material or immaterial to us. For the poor, basic needs could often become a luxury. For the rich, luxurious comforts are taken for granted. What one holds as essential to one’s existence is what one is most afraid to lose.

Source – Prabuddha Bharata editorial April 2016