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Sons of Ganesha - Shubh and Labh in Hinduism

In Hinduism, Shubh is ‘auspiciousness’ and Labh is ‘Profit.’ In some Hindu traditions, Shubha and Labha are the sons of Ganesha. In some Hindu traditions, Ganesh has two wives named Riddhi (material wealth) and Siddhi (intellectual and spiritual wealth). Ganesha has two sons named Shubh and Labh in Riddhi and Siddhi. Please note that some Hindu traditions do not follow the above said concept. It is believed that writing the name of Shubh and Labh along with Ganesha will help in achieving peace and progress in life. Shubh and Labh is worshipped by business people and shopkeepers for progress. Related Goddess Santoshi Mata - daughter of Ganesha

Seven Holy Rivers in Hinduism – Sapta Nadi

Sapta Nadi in Hindu Religion is a unique concept. Saptanadis means the seven holy rivers. The seven holy rivers in Hinduism are: Ganga Yamuna Saraswati Godavari Narmada Sindhu and Kaveri Taking a holy dip in the above said rivers is considered highly meritorious. The ash after cremation is immersed in the above said rivers so that the person attains moksha or liberation. People find relief to incurable diseases after taking bath in these rivers. Another popular belief is that taking bath in these rivers will help in sin redemption. Sins of this birth and of all previous births will be washed away by taking bath in these rivers.

Story of Jamlu Devta of Malana

Malana village is located in the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Jamlu Deva a manifestation of Rishi Jamadagni is worshipped in the form of Khanda. Story of Jamlu Devta of Malana is as follows: Rishi Jamadagni was supposed to have been carrying eighteen images of gods – symbolic representations of the world gods – with him, while searching for an idyllic spot to meditate. A gush of whirlwind scattered the images of gods all over the Beas valley, each image becoming the God of that area. Jamlu devta is the Lord of the assembly of the gods, communicating through Gura (his disciple) in trances. The whole community contributes a share of their income to the treasury of Jamlu Devata. Another story about the Jamlu Devta of Malana Jamadagni Rishi performed intense penance and propitiated Shiva. Shiva appeared before him and as boon, the Rishi asked Shiva for a secluded and peaceful place to meditate. Shiva asked to go to Malana. Two brothers of Jamadagni Rishi followe

Story of Shivling at Mahakaleshwar Temple

The Shivling at Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India, is the third among the twelve Jyotirlingas. There is an interesting story, which explains about the origin of the Shivling worshipped in the Mahakaleshwar Temple. The story is mentioned in the Shiva Purana. Legend has it that a powerful demon live on Ratnamal Mountain in Ujjain. The demon caused havoc in the city of Avanti – former name of Ujjain. There was a pious man in the city who was an ardent devotee of Shiva. The demon killed the pious man by setting him afire. Killing of his devotee angered Lord Shiva. Shiva appeared at Avanti, opened his third eye, and burnt the demon and his entire army to ashes. A Shivling appeared on the spot where Lord Shiva opened his third eye and killed the demon. People built the shrine of Mahakaleshwar on the spot.

Subhashitas - Inspirational Subhashita Ratnavali

This is a collection of Inspirational Subhashita Ratnavali. The Subhasitas are sanskrit wise sayings and this is English translation of them. That which overcomes intoxication is true knowledge, that which showers the needy is true wealth, that which follows Dharma is said to be intellect. Listen to good words, even from a child. Wherever there are these six – industriousness, courage, fortitude, intelligence, strength and achievements, there divine cooperation is present. The company of the noble is more pleasant than the moon and the sandal paste. A slap of the hand from an enemy will not hurt, but the angry touch even with a flower from a friend will wound. For noble-minded ones, entire universe is family. Dharma will protect those who protect Dharma. Truth is one and the Sages call it by different names. In life, what we give must be more than what we take. By fulfilling those desires in us, those desires don't go away. Lakshmi, t