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Nitya Neeti Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings from Nitya Neeti.

One should not have friendship or love with the wicked. When hot, charcoal burns the hand, and when cold, it blackens and dirties the hand.

In case of a scorpion, the tail is poisonous. In case of a fly, the poison is in its legs. It case of a snake, the poison is in its fangs. In a wicked person, however, the whole body is poisonous.

The road gets trodden little by little. The cloth is woven little by little. The mountain is climbed little by little. Knowledge and money are also gained little by little. All these five are attained little by little.

The word uttered casually by the noble person is like the one inscribed on a rock. But the word uttered as an oath by the wicked is like the one inscribed on water!

Man should learn arts, which come into use at times of difficulty. Consider Arjuna, who joined Virata’s palace as dance teacher.

Pleasure forms poison for a poor man. War is poison for a coward. Scriptures and knowledge are poison for one who never studies and practices. Food is poison for one who cannot digest it.

Anger lasts for a second in noble men. It lasts for an hour or two in intermediate or ordinary men. In a mean-minded person it last for a whole day and night. In the vilest man it lasts till death.

Life without education and knowledge is waste, like the tail of a dog that is neither useful or conceal its private organs, nor useful in driving away disturbing flies.

Having good health and a well-built body, having no debts, being free from sins, not being in others’ control, having peace of mind, and faith in God constitute heaven itself.

That which must not be done should never be done, even if life is about to leave one. Duty along has to be done even when life is about to ebb.