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Story Of Demon Adi Taking Form Of Goddess Parvati To Kill Lord Shiva

Adi, the son of the demon Andhaka, took the resolve to kill all the gods to revenge his father's death. To kill Lord Shiva, he took the form of Goddess Parvati. This story is found in the Matsya Purana.

The demon king Andhaka was annihilated by Lord Shiva.

Adi, son of Andhaka, had got the boon from Brahma that he could not be killed in his own form. He could only be killed if he changed his shape. Adi started a reign of Adharma in the three worlds. He was invincible.

Lord Brahma was worried about the ever-growing power of demon Adi.

He asked Shiva for help.

One day, Goddess Parvati had left Kailash after quarreling with Shiva. She appointed Viraka to guard the gate and not to let any woman enter Kailash in her absence.

Adi got the news of the absence of Goddess Parvati in Kailash from sage Narada. The Sage incited him to use this opportunity to kill Shiva.

To avoid being detected by guard Viraka, he took the form of a snake and crawled into the abode of Shiva.

He then changed his form into that of Goddess Parvati and implanted poisonous teeth in the vagina. He hoped to kill Shiva with the venom.

Shiva soon realized that the woman before him was not his wife.

They started making love.

The poisonous teeth implanted by the demon were ineffective as Shiva is Neelkantha who drank the poison Halahala.

Shiva made love with such intense passion that Shiva’s virility thrust the demon like a thunderbolt. Soon the demon died in Shiva’s arms.