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Dnyaneshwari Teachings On Anger – Desire

Written by Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, Dnyaneshwari is the most popular commentary on the Bhagavad Gita in Marathi.  This is a collection of Dnyaneshwari Teachings on anger and desire.

A little poison can spread in the whole body and destroy life. A little desire of the objects of senses in the mind is also ruinous, because it unsettles discrimination (Viveka). Even an ascetic will have the feeling of affection, if he remembers objects of senses in his mind.

The affection will create desire, which is passion (Kama) personified. Where there is passion, there is anger, and anger destroys thought. Wandering thoughts destroy memory, like strong wind blowing out a lamp.

Like the world being gripped by darkness, when the light of the sun disappears, the distortion of memory makes people blind. This blindness in the form of ignorance unsettles the understanding and then complete ruin follows.

The understanding is confused in the same way as a man, who is blind from birth, runs here and there not knowing where he is going. The destruction of memory paralyses the understanding and overshadows the knowledge of Self.

A man, whose understanding is destroyed, is like the physical body, from which life has gone out. Even a spark of fire falling in a wooden pyre would be enough to burn down everything. So even through the thought of the enjoyment of the senses, every description of harm is let in.