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Story Of Dhishrindra – Son Of Agni

Story of Dhishrindra is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. Legend has it that Agni, the fire god in Hinduism, performed severe penance to win Lord Shiva’s favor. Pleased with Agni’s penance, Shiva appeared before him. As boon, Agni requested that Narmada and sixteen of her tributaries should become his wives and bear him children. The boon was granted.

The son of Agni and Narmada was known as Dhishrindra. He was brave and handsome.

During one of the conflicts between Devas and Asuras, Bhagavan Vishnu asked Dhishrindra to fight on behalf of gods.

Dhishrindra fought valiantly and sustained severe wounds but finally he vanquished the Asuras.

After the battle, Narmada gathered her wounded son into her waters and restored his health by healing his wounds and rejuvenating him.