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Story of Origin of Diamond in Hinduism

Story of origin of diamond is mentioned in the Uttara Khanda of Padma Purana. Diamond mining is responsible for numerous wars and killings and interestingly the story of origin of diamonds in Hinduism is based on ignorance of a demon.

Legend has it that Bala, the son of Demon Mayasura, attained supernatural powers through magic. He started encouraging all sort of immortality. He used magical powers to win over women.

Humans and Devas sought the help of Indra, the king of Devas. Several wars were fought between them and Indra was always defeated.

Once Indra and his army were completely routed and Indra was made a prisoner by Bala.

An imprisoned Indra learned that Bala had a weakness to flattery. Soon Indra started praising Bala. He praised the demon with songs and crowned him with all glory.

Indra completely enamored Bala with his flattery. Soon Bala asked Indra to ask whatever he wanted.

Indra asked for the physical body of Bala. Without thinking, Bala kneeled before Indra who used the opportunity to behead demon Bala. He then cut the body into pieces and threw it in different parts of Earth. Places where the body parts of Bala fell became a diamond mine.

Diamonds are one of the main reasons for war in Africa. Genocide, poverty, colonization, autocracy, oppression etc are the result of Diamonds. And its origin as per Hindu tradition is from the body of a demon who practiced all kinds of evil. Symbolically the story suggests that possession of diamonds only leads to fights, tension and worries.