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Jnanadeva Teachings On God

Jnanadeva, Jnaneshwar Maharaj (1275 – 1296), spiritual poet-saint of Maharashtra and composer of the Bhavartha Dipika (popularly known as the Jnaneshwari), a translation and commentary in Marathi on the Bhagavad Gita. This post is based on his teachings on God - the Supreme Being.

Sugar is only sugar, even though it may be made into many forms. Likewise, the ocean of Consciousness is always the same, though it becomes all the forms of the universe. Various articles of clothing are made from the same cotton cloth; likewise, the varied forms of the universe are creatively fashioned of the one Consciousness, which remains forever pure.

It's that one pure Consciousness who becomes everything - from the gods above to the earth below. Objects may be regarded as high or low, but the ocean of Consciousness, everpure, is all that ever is. Though the shadows on the wall are ever changing, the wall itself remains steady and unmoved. Likewise, the forms of the universe take shape from Consciousness-the eternal, primordial One.

When He is revealed, the universe disappears; when He is concealed, the universe shines forth. Yet He doesn't hide Himself, nor does He reveal Himself; He is always present before us at every moment. No matter how diverse and varied the universe appears, He remains unmoved, unchanged. And this is just as one would expect, since He is always one, without a second.