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Story of Saint Jalali in Hindu Religion

Saint Jalali is mentioned in the Puranas and it is said in other scriptures of Hindu religion that his Tapas was so intense that birds made nest on this head. Sage Jalali lived in a forest and performed several intense austerities. He gained mastery over the elements – rain, sun, wind and cold had no effect on him. He used to stand and meditate for several days together.

Once Sage Jalali stood like a pillar for several days and meditated. Two birds built their nests on the matted hair of Sage Jalali. The Sage thought this as a reward for his devotion and did not move. The birds left every morning and returned in the evening.

After a few days the bird laid eggs. The nest was closely guarded by the birds. Sage Jalali stood like a pillar. The eggs hatched. In due course of time the little ones got wings. They grew up and went out with the parent birds. All this while, the Sage was thinking about the greatness of his meditation.

Once the birds went and did not return for several days. But Sage Jalali stood his ground. Then they returned and again left for a month. Then they returned and left to never return.

After long wait Sage Jalali went to the river and took bath. He felt he was the greatest sage in the world. He stood in the waters and announced that he is the virtuous man in the world.

The water nymphs who heard this announced that Tuladhara, the merchant of Kashi was more virtuous. The land and the water that he touches turn pure. Mere sight of him fills the heart with hope.

Sage Jalali then went to Kashi and found that a Tuladhara, a Grihasta or a householder, was more pious than him. Tuladhara did his duties and fed all those living beings that were hungry to his ability. He was not blinded by his devotion neither was he overzealous in his charity. He was rooted in reality.

Sage Jalali then became a disciple of Tuladhara and attained self realization.

Symbolically this story explains that self realization is the only way to moksha or liberation. To attain it one need not go to mountains or forests and sit in uncomfortable positions. Harsh exercises, rituals and penance only strengthen the ego.