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Vasudha Lakshmi - About Hindu Goddess Vasudha Lakshmi Form

Vasudha Lakshmi is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the Mother Earth and bears living beings. She is patient, strong and wish fulfilling. When people become greedy, she revokes her blessing and the earth becomes barren. She also shows her fury through earthquakes and volcanoes.

Vasudha Lakshmi is also known as Bhu Devi and Dharini.

She also takes the form of cow and takes help from Vishnu. He takes numerous incarnations to guard and protect Bhoodevi.

In some images of Vasudha Lakshmi she is flanked by Vasudeva (Krishna) and Baladeva. This image of Her is known as Ekanamsa. Vasudeva is a herdsman and Baladeva is a farmer. She provides all living beings with food.