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Story of Demon Disguised as Janaka in Kamba Ramayanam

What makes many of the regional versions of Ramayana interesting are the numerous sub plots. One such sub plot is of a demon disguised as Janaka, father of Mata Sita, and it is found in the Tamil Kamba Ramayanam.

Ravana, the demon king, tried numerous methods to go near Mata Sita but he was unsuccessful in all his attempts. He then resorted to trickery. To achieve his desire, he deputed a clever magician demon named Marutta.

Marutta put on the guise of King Janaka, father of Mata Sita. In the capacity of a loving father, Marutta consoled Sita. He also cleverly advised to yield to the wishes of Ravana. He suggested that it was the only way to escape from Lanka.

Mata Sita immediately recognized the demon and asked him to get out of her sight.

Marutta then assumed his original form and went away.