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Radhavallabh – About Hindu God Radha Vallabha

Radhavallabh means lover of Radha. Thus Radha Vallabha is Srimati Radha Rani and Sri Krishna. But prominence is given to Radha in this form of worship. It must be noted that Radhavallabh is not the name of a particular form of Sri Krishna. It is the name of the sect found in the 16th century by Hitaharivamsha.

In Radhavallabh worship – Radha is supreme. The two syllables Ra – Dha represents Supreme Knowledge. She is eternally married to Sri Krishna.

Radha is timeless. She is beyond form and qualities.

All living beings strive to be her companions. Therefore they can be devotees and friends to both Sri Krishna and Radha at the same time.

Where there is Radha, there is Krishna. Devotees of this sect merge in the constant Lila of Radha and Krishna – Marital bliss, separation, the romantic fights and the reunion.

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