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Ribhu Gita Quotes And Teachings

Ribhu Gita - Dialogue between Sage Ribhu and Sage Nidagha - It is believed that Sage Ribhu received the knowledge directly from Shiva. This is a collection of quotes and teachings from Ribhu Gita.

Like bubbles arising on the waters of the ocean, gods and men and beasts of the phenomenal world arose, and will arise again and again, on the water of the mass of solid Bliss (Ghana ananda) – (Shiva). There is no worldly misery for those who, through their experience, perceive all this arising out of the waves of delusion clearly as myself.

Because of delusion, people do not realize Hara to be known as the cause of every little thing and as the cause of every being and also as the boundless cause of even greater dissolution. Destruction of mundane misery results when the Presence of Shiva shines in the reflecting pool of the recesses of the space of the heart.

Those who know do not offer worship by means of an endless parade of symbolism and with a mind set on rituals.

Those who know, however, worship inwardly, in abstract meditation, their mind attuned to the prescribed injunctions.

Realized sages say that absolute inherence in Reality means becoming one with the immutable, tranquil, non-dual Absolute Supreme Being which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss and the Self of all, and making the wandering mind one with it like the proverbial milk and water, absolutely free from all concepts.

When one scrutinizes this variety of manifestation one realizes that it does not really exist and that everything is the undifferentiated Absolute Supreme Being which is not different from the Self and oneself. Let this knowledge become firm with you by constant practice. Then, discarding everything, become one with the Supreme Absolute Reality and, remaining as that, be happy.

Everything is the Supreme Being, which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, and I am That” By constantly cultivating this pure thought, get rid of impure thoughts. Then, my son, discarding even that thought and always inhering in the State of Fullness, you will become the non-dual and undifferentiated Supreme Being and attain liberation.