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Janaka Gita – Importance and Teachings

Janaka Gita is a composition of songs attributed to King Janaka. It is found in the Upashanti Prakarana of Yoga Vasistha. It presents the stream of thoughts that passed through the mind of philosopher-king Janaka on hearing the Siddha – Gita sung by certain Siddhas outside his palace. The teachings are of great importance as it comes from the mouth of a king who had the power to enjoy all the pleasures on earth.

King Janaka appears in many places in Hindu scriptures. He was very interested in philosophy and himself was a Guru. He was in the constant company of Siddhas – souls who had attained perfection or self-realization.

Janaka Gita consists of 65 verses. King Janaka points out that the mind is the root cause of all miseries of mortals and that the remedy lies in the annihilation of the mind.

Janaka Gita Teachings

  • The text states that every year, every month, every day, and every moment, men experience pleasures – but, in reality, they are in pain.
  • All riches and enjoyments, friends, companions and relatives have passed away; even if they exist, what permanency could there be for them?
  • The world is an inauspicious dream in the dark night of worldly existence, and the sensuous body is but a misconception of the mind. Show disgust and aversion on the being who has reposed faith on these things.
  • All objects on which faith had been placed have perished. What, then, is permanent here on this earth?
  • In this world, things happen accident and not by intention, and the fool divides them, vainly, as desirable and undesirable.
  • Having woken up and become happy over the identification of the mind as the thief of atman, one should kill the mind (thief), for one had been troubled by this thief for a long time.