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Brothers of Hanuman in Hindu Scriptures - Family Of Hanuman

There is nothing much known about the family of Hanuman other that he was the son of Mata Anjani and Kesari, the king of monkeys. But as per Brahmanda Purana, Hanuman was the eldest of the six children of Kesari.

The family history of Vanaras and especially of Hanuman is found in the Brahmanda Purana. Information about the brothers of Hanuman is found in it.

Hanuman had five brothers
  1. Matiman
  2. Shrutiman
  3. Ketuman
  4. Gatiman
  5. Dhritiman.
They all led a family life and had several children. Nothing much is mentioned in the scriptures about their exploits and their relationship with Hanuman.

Hanuman spent his time on earth serving Bhagavan Sri Ram. He was a Brahmachari  or celibate. As per Ramayana, he had single-minded focus on worshipping Sri Ram. Nothing else in the world mattered to him. Therefore, we do not get to hear about his brothers and sisters in the Ramayana.

Hanuman was not attracted to family life. He never had any desire for it. He was blissful in Ram Bhakti.

He did not want to become a king; he could have, as his father was a king and he was his eldest son. He was not interested in all kinds of materialistic desires. He was not interested in bodily pleasures. For him only devotion to Sri Ram mattered.

His mother Anjani was the daughter of Rishi Gautam and in her previous birth she was Apsara Punchikasthali. At a very young age, she fell in love with Kesari, the Kapi Raj (king of Kapis (monkeys)). She turned herself into a monkey and married Kesari.

Hanuman was born when Vayu deposited Shiva Tattva in her.

After the birth of Hanuman, there was prosperity in the kingdom of Kesari. The royal couple then had several children.