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Jwalamalini Devi in Hinduism – About Hindu Goddess Jwalamalini Devi

Goddess Jwalamalini, or Jwalamalini Devi, is one among the numerous incarnations of Goddess Shakti. She appeared to help Goddess Lalitha Devi in her fight against Bhandasura. Jwala means fire and thus Jwalamalini Devi is associated with purification. Greatness about this Devi is mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana.

Legend has it when the battle between Bhandasura and Goddess Lalitha Devi was going on, the army of Bhandasura once attacked the army of Goddess at night. Fighting after sunset is Adharma and is against the rules of battle. Goddess Lalitha Devi rescued her army.

To stop such tactics by Bhandasura in future, Goddess Lalitha Devi asked Jwalamalini Devi to create a wall of fire around Her army. The firewall helped in protecting the army of Goddess Lalitha Devi.

Jwalamalini Devi controls the never-ending creation and destruction that is carried out in nature. She is the spark that creates and transforms one form to another.