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Parashu the Divine Weapon of Parashuram and Shiva

Parashu, axe, is the divine weapon associated with Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu. The divine weapon was given to Parashuram by Shiva. Legend has it that Shiva got this axe after the infamous Daksha Yaga in which Mother Sati self immolated.
After Sati’s death, Shiva in a fit of rage had unleashed the trident (Trishul) which was finally stopped by Nara Narayana. Narayana, who was meditating in Badrayashrama, deviated the trident towards Shiva.
Shiva whose anger remained uncontrollable approached Narayana with the trident. Nara who was meditating nearby took an arrow and released it towards Shiva. The arrow soon changed into an axe. Shiva then made this Axe as his weapon.
Years later Sri Parashuram left home to do austerities to please Shiva. Shiva was pleased with Parashuram’s extreme devotion, intense piety and unmoved and perpetual meditation. Shiva presented Sri Parashuram with divine weapons. The most important was the unconquerable and indestructible axe shaped weap…

Sade Teen Muhurat - Three and half Muhurat in Year – Sade Teen Muhurtas in Hindu Astrology

In a calendar year three and half days are considered highly auspicious as per traditional Vedic astrology followed in North and western parts of India. This three and half muhurta is known as Sade Teen Muhurat. This is mainly based on the Hindu lunar calendar.
The significance of the three and half auspicious days is that there is no need to look for auspicious time. Each second on the day is highly auspicious. The day is chosen for marriages, house warming, opening of new business and shops and for making investment in property and valuable items like gold, platinum, diamonds etc.
As per traditional Hindu astrology, the Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra) are astrologically believed to be at their most exalted position on the day.
The Three and Half Muhurats are – Chaitra Shukla Pratipada – the first day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Chaitra month (March – April). The day is observed as traditional Hindu New Year in North India, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and K…

Work becomes easy when desire has learnt to discipline itself – Rabindranath Tagore

Work, especially good work, becomes easy when desire has learnt to discipline itself.
That which cannot be expressed otherwise can only be told through music. A thought, which seems commonplace in its analysis, acquires a deeper sense in music.
With begging and scrambling we find very little, but with being true to ourselves we find a great deal more than we desire.
That which oppresses me, is it my soul trying to come out in the open, or the soul of the world knocking at my heart for its entrance? Rabindranath Tagore
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Amavasya in June 2017 – Time and Date of Amavas or No Moon Day in June 2017

Amavasya June 2017 date based on Hindu calendar in India. Also referred as Amavasi or Amavas, it is the no moon day in a month in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar. Amavasya June 2017 date is Saturday, June 24. The Amavasya Time - begins at 11:50 AM on June 23, 2017 and ends at 8:01 AM on June 24.

As the Amavasya ends on Saturday morning it is known as Shani Amavasi.

As per traditional North Indian calendar it is the Amavasya in Ashada month. In other regions it is the Jyeshta Amavasi.
Halharini Amavasya is observed on the day in certain regions in North India.

Amavasi is the darkest day in a traditional Hindu month and is considered both auspicious and inauspicious by different Hindu communities.
There are many Hindus who undertake a fast on Amavasi. Some devotees only take a single meal on the day.
Jyeshta month ends in traditional calendars followed in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on the day.

We are always rushing

We are always rushing…hurrying…but to where? We do not pay attention to the present. We do not enjoy the little simple things in life. We are after bigger goals…

And once we attain this bigger goals we are either dissatisfied or in bad health. The bigger goals will never give you true happiness. Happiness lies in little things.

We all should attain our goals but by not sacrificing the little pleasures of life.

Enjoy the little beauties of life.

If we have children, we need to be with them when they need us. We need to help them.

Just because we are in a hurry, we should not ignore a human being who is in trouble. Do whatever is possible.

Quality time with friends, relatives, older people and children will give us new insights.
We all have interests, hobbies, and a passion…find time for it.


Know the Difference between Our Needs and Our Desires