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Parijata Tree – The Story of How the tree of Heaven Reached Earth

As per Hindu Tradition, Parijata Tree appeared during the Samudra Manthan or Churning of Ocean. The tree was carried to heaven by Indra. It was Sri Krishna who brought the tree from heaven to earth.

There are a couple of popular legends associated with Parijata was brought to earth. The most famous and widely accepted story is that of Sri Krishna bringing it to earth.

After defeating Narakasura, Sri Krishna and his wife, Sathyabhama, went to heaven to return umbrella and earrings of Aditi, the mother of Indra. Narakasura had forcefully taken them away.

While returning, Sathyabama asked Sri Krishna for a Parijata Tree to be planted in her garden. Sri Krishna immediately uprooted a Parijata Tree and carried it to Dwarka.

The act of uprooting the divine tree angered Indra. Blinded by anger and ego, Indra stopped Sri Krishna. A war ensued and the foolish Devas and their King Indra was easily overpowered by Sri Krishna.

When Parijata Tree was brought to Dwarka, Rukmini, another wife of Sri Krishna, wanted the flowers of it. To avoid a domestic strife, Sri Krishna thought of a plan. Sri Krishna planted the tree in such a way that the tree was in the garden of Satyabhama and the flowers from it fell in the garden of Rukmini.