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Vindhyavasini Durga – Goddess Vindhya Vasini

Vindhyavasini Durga is one of the most popular forms of Durga in North India and this form of Goddess Shakti is associated with the Vindhya Mountains. Vindhyavasini Durga is widely believed to be residing in the tough mountains of Vindhyas and it is her favorite abode. The word Durga also means ‘not easily accessible’ due to her residing in the Vindhyachal. Stories of Vindhyavasini Durga are found in the Vamana Purana.

Vindhayavasisni Durga is referred as Sashi Mukhi – the moon-faced. She has the glow of the lightning. On her tapering crown, there is a crescent. She is depicted sometimes as three-eyed.

In some icons and images she is depicted as having four arms but in some she has eight arms. When she has four arms; they carry conch, discus, and two hands in the posture of blessing and protection. When she is eight-armed she carries discus, conch, sword, mace, arrow, bow, trident and noose.

She is mostly accompanied by a lion, which stands by her side and it is her Vahana. Sometimes she is shown as sitting on a lotus.

There is a popular belief that Goddess Durga after eliminating the demon Mahishasura decided to reside on the Vindhya hills and thus she came to be known as Vindhyavasini. Residing here she continued to eliminate several other demons.

Padma Purana indicates that it was Lord Indra who requested Durga to make Vindhya Hills as her abode.

One of the most popular temples dedicated to Vindhyavasini is the Maa Vindhyavaisini Temple near Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh.

Vindhyavasini Chalisa is a popular bhajans dedicated to Maa Vindhyavaisini