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Sita Lava Kusha Temple at Wayanad in Kerala

Sita Lava Kusha Temple is located at Pulpally in Wayanad District in Kerala. Sri Pazhassi Raja constructed the shrine in the 18th century. The murtis worshipped in the temple are that of Mata Sita, Lava and Kusha. The temple and its surrounding areas are believed to be places where Sita stayed after Sri Ram abandoned her in the Ramayana.

There are separate shrines of Mata Sita, Lava and Kusha here. Kava and Kusha is known as Murikkanmar. The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are Ayyappa, Ganapati, Subrahmanya and Vettakkorumakan (Shiva). Nagas are also worshipped in the shrine.

The main nivedyam for Sita Devi is sweet or payasam made out of white rice. Special offering to Lava and Kusha are sweet appam.

The main festival in the shrine is observed in Malayalam Dhanu month from 18th to 23rd.

Another festival is observed on the Revathi Nakshatram day in Makaram month.

Special pujas are observed during the Mandalam season (November middle to December end).

It is believed that the ashram of Sage Valmiki was located at Pulpally and Mata Sita was abandoned here. Later she gave birth to Lava and Kusa here. Valmiki Ashram is located nearby.

The original Sita temple is known as Chedattinkavu. Legend hast it that Lava and Kusa the two sons of Sita Devi stopped and caught the horse, sent by Rama as part of the Ashwamedha.

When Rama came to free the horse, he saw Sita and immediately she disappeared in the earth, her mother. While going down, her hair was caught by Rama and thus the name Chedattinkavu or Jadayattakavu to the spot.

Chedattilamma (Sita devi) is the presiding deity of this temple along with Sapthamathrukkal. This temple is only 1 Km away from the present Sita Temple. Ghee lamp, or nai vilakku, is a main offering here.