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Why Surya is also known as Martanda or Martandan?

One among the numerous names of Surya, the Sun God, in Hinduism is Martanda or Martandan. He got this name as he was born from a dead egg (Anda or Andam).

A pious couple once found a still egg – it had golden color. Not knowing what to do with the couple prayed to Brahma. Brhama asked them to place it at a sacred place known as Satisar and pray to Shiva for a solution to revive the still golden egg.

Shiva directed the couple to Vishnu, who broke the egg with his Sudarshana Chakra and from it Surya appeared in the form of Martanda – wearing yellow garments, with four arms bearing a lotus, a book, a rosary and a raised open palm.

Satisar is a holy place located in Jammu and Kashmir. There is a famous Martanda temple here.