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Tarkulha Devi Mandir in Gorakhpur – Uttar Pradesh

Tarkulha Devi gets the name from the tad, or palm trees, found in the region. Tarkulha Devi Mandir is a very popular Shakti Temple in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Legend has it that the murti worshipped in the temple belonged to Shaheed Bhandu Singh, who was hanged for participating in the revolt of 1857 against the British rule in India.

The shrine of Goddess Tarkulha Devi is east facing. There is a pindi form and murti form of Tarkulha Devi in the sanctum sanctorum.

The marble murti form of Goddess is 4 feet in height. She is covered with chunari and flowers. Only the face of Mother is visible. She wears a crown.

Bells of different size can be found in front of the temple.

Goat sacrifices are still made in the shrine.

The most important festival in the shrine is the Chaitra Navratri, thousands of people visit the temple to participate in the month long mela.