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Ramana Maharshi On Supreme Devotion

The end and aim of the path of devotion consists in the devotee leading a life of absolute purity in thought, word and deed. He considers himself merely a servant of the Lord and ever acts with that faith and devotion that he has no desire to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Such a devotee finally comes to realize, not as a matter of intellectual ratiocination, but by direct and indubitable experience and by submergence in the Divine, the truth, namely that all his acts are really the acts of the Supreme Ordainer. He does not feel as having an individual will of his own or any initiative in the acts he does or even an independent being separate from that of the Lord.

He is entirely free from the sense of “I” and “mine,” no matter what his body may appear to do or what he may appear to possess. He thus shines in the resplendent glory of the selfless Existence. This indeed, is what is called Parabhakti, or Supreme Devotion.

Ramana Maharishi