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Symbolism in Peacock the Vehicle or Vahana of Hindu God Muruga

Peacock is the vehicle or Vahana of Hindu God Muruga, who is also known as Kartik, Subramanya, Skanda and Shanmukha. The blue color of peacock represents infinity. Peacock is noted for its excessive pride – this is a negative trait – but here it symbolically represents the pride that a seeker of Truth should have for Supreme Self. By being proud of Supreme Self, he/she shunts out all other diversions and constantly meditates on the Supreme Being.

In most images of Muruga, the peacock is shown clutching serpent with its claws. The serpent represents ego and fleeting pleasures. The peacock does not kill the serpent even though both are sworn enemies. The peacock keeps the serpent under control indicating the need to enjoy worldly pleasures through discrimination and by not overindulging in it.